Someday I’ll be there – Welcome!

So I never thought I would make a blog but here it is. Up till now I can’t really decide what I’ll be talking about here, I have lots of ideas, which aren’t directly related with each other. The only thing that links them together is that they all build me up.

Let me explain some more. I’m the typical Egyptian guy who was convinced, or forced, to study something he is not interested in, pharmacy. And being myself I just managed to do well in school, it wasn’t very enjoyable, and I’m not very nerdy but I just did good. However, I decided against all the available careers for a pharmacist in Egypt, though my family owns a pharmacy which is something many people might envy me about, but I want something more.

I decided instead to work in public health, I figured out that it would make me feel better about myself and my career if I directly affect someone’s life, and at the end of the day, someone remembers me, someone is thinking “I’m thankful that this guy/organization helped me”. This would be more self satisfying than working the typical – easy, with high beginning salaries – jobs that are available for me in Egypt.

On the other hand, up till now I didn’t figure out exactly how I would reach my goal or where should I start. So I’m just trying to look for similar stuff to do, while at the same time I would be also trying to fulfil my other dream, to travel all around. I just have a passion for travel. For me traveling isn’t just the sightseeing of the old civilizations in a country. It’s a more spiritual thing, we all learn from traveling. Whether you notice those lessons you’ve learned, or you don’t, let me assure you: you are not the same person as before the trip.

So to cut a long story short, on this blog I will be writing about several stuff: my trips and travels whether inside Egypt or outside, my thoughts and lessons I’ve learnt from those trips, my updates and whether or not I’m moving forwards towards my dream. Until I’m there, Someday 🙂

** Some notes about the blog:
 – Header pictures are all mine.
 – Pictures posted on posts are personal property, or permission is taken from their owner.
 – Permission from people in the pictures is taken before they are posted (if I do know them personally.)
 – Criticism, comments, ideas and suggestions are all welcomed whether in comments on posts or in private messages.
 – All ideas, points of views and thoughts are personal.

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4 thoughts on “Someday I’ll be there – Welcome!


    Mina, that`s wonderful!!!

  2. Hi. I like the title of your blog. I have a long list under that category, ‘someday i’ll be there’. Will look forward to reading more about your adventures. Thanks for a recent visit to my blog.

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