A Painful Road Completes A Beautiful Landscape

A Painful road completes a beautiful landscape

So I have walked through the paved and the weary roads. Through the flat lands and up through the mountains. Each

Weary Road

Weary Road.

road had its beauty in its own way. None was easy, but that didn’t decrease their beauty in anyway.

When I first started walking I thought walking a flat land on the Camino was easier. But I was wrong about that, because with every new stage came the new difficulties that made this stage hard – but doable.  What I learned though after a couple of different stages and different views is that none of the Caminos were ugly! Each one was hard in its own way, but beautiful with a specific signature different than the other parts.

It’s when you walk that much and get lost in your thoughts that you realize that this – again – is exactly similar to real life stages. All of them are very long; all of them have their difficulties in a special way that you didn’t foresee ahead of time. But once you are actually walking that part of your life you get to know that it wasn’t as easy as you expected; but then again: DOABLE! You got to the beginning of the stage so you are capable of increasing your skills bit by bit and overcoming the pain and going further through whatever life puts you through.

Flat Road

Flat Road

However, you do not have to always think of the hardships on your way. There is always something very beautiful around us at this very instant. And it’s up to you to notice it or to concentrate only on your hardship and pain.

When I walked for a while concentrating on the surrounding beauty, it shocked me how the painful road was actually completing a bigger portrait of a beautiful landscape. I know that without that road in the picture it would have still been so good, but that hard looking painful road intersecting with the horizon made it even better to look at.

What I learned from the Camino, is that I shouldn’t only concentrate on the hardness of my road, but to just consider it as a part of a bigger beautiful picture, when you look at it like this, you’ll be more willing to walk through it with happiness and without feeling obliged to do so.

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3 thoughts on “A Painful Road Completes A Beautiful Landscape

  1. Jean-Claude Bouchard

    Hi Mina,
    I walked with you. We talked. We shared pains and long ( very long ) climbs. While I did not share all my thoughts with you at the time, I am struck by the similarities in our observations and thoughts.
    i wish you a wonderful year in 2012.
    Your friend,

    • Hello Jean-Claude
      Thanks alot for taking the time to read and comment on here! This comment has made me very proud! 🙂 I’m glad you like it, and I hope I meet you again someday my friend, maybe share some more climbs hehe, hopefully not as painful next time 🙂
      Happy new year and all the best in 2012


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