Injured In The Desert

Imagine being in the middle of nowhere, you look in all directions around you and all you see is yellow sand dunes. Amazing yeah? Well it is! It is breath taking and stunning and all those words that describe beautiful places. But at some point you wish you were in a city, a place where an ambulance can reach you. Well I had that feeling for a fraction of a second when I thought I broke my spine! Luckily though, it was only a strong cramp in my back muscles.

We were crossing through the desert, me and my friend from Amazigh Expeditions. We were heading to a hot spring to have a shower there. A lovely morning, with lovely sand, warm weather in January (the previous night was freezing cold so I was really enjoying the sun at noon), no speed limit, no traffic signs, you just speed and drift to take turns, no specific streets; it’s heaven!

Sand Drifting

Sand Drifting

Suddenly, we hit a small speed bump like structure made of sand (hell yes, the desert is all full of them!) But this one was made of hard sand (unfortunately) which made the car go flying for four meters!! Hit the ground, and go flying again (the two right wheels only, probably because I don’t weigh much on them), for less than 2 meters, hit the ground again.

All of this happened in less than 1 minute. And first thought I got was “WOW COOL!!” followed by “OMG THAT’S GONNA HURT!!” (While flying and discovering that I’ll hit the seat really hard) and finally “AAAAAAHHHHHHH…” (This one wasn’t exactly a thought, I was screaming at the top of my lungs)

Back to my thoughts, before my friend could stop the car (you can’t just hit breaks in the sand) I wasn’t able to move any part of my body, still screaming, I was thinking that I got paralyzed! That I have broke my lower spine or at least shifted some bone from its place!

Once we stopped, however, I slowly started moving my legs, my arms, my toes and fingers (upon being instructed to do so, I wasn’t able to think). Everything was moving, with a great deal of pain with every movement, but its moving! That alone is something great!!

Going Down a Sand Dune, Love the Adrenaline

Going Down a Sand Dune, Love the Adrenaline

I got out of the car and slept on the sand, just to stretch my body, it started feeling better. Bit by bit the pain started fading away until it became bearable, and that’s when we continued our trip. By now the pain has – almost – totally gone away and I know it was nothing serious at all.

And that was the moment when I wished we were inside a city, where an ambulance can reach me or maybe a doctor will be passing by. But that was all just part of being in the desert, its not always rainbows and butterflies ;).

Back at the moment when I wished I was in the city, when I thought I broke my spine, I also thought “why the fuck am I in that desert? What am I doing here?” Right now :), right now I can’t wait to go back again!! It was all just a funny experience that I would laugh about with my friend, how I screamed and how he got all scared and stuff!

Have you ever got injured while traveling? (ofcourse :)) where were you and what happened? Did you have anyone with you?

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6 thoughts on “Injured In The Desert

  1. Oh my, Mina! I read this and I was in pain for you…
    You know, I had the same feeling 2 years ago, actually I had a spinal fracture… but I can still walk and all… but how scary!
    The good thing is that this injury gave me the time to think and the inspiration to start writing:)
    I also can’t wait to go back to the desert, and who knows maybe we can go together!

    • Spinal fracture? Now you scared me! I think I should go see a doctor and check if anything wrong has happened, I’ve been taking pain killers and Anti-inflammatories and that’s all 😀 I can still walk but I’m worrying about carrying a heavy backpack, hope it wouldn’t alter my dreams/plans of backpacking.
      Glad this injury was an inspiration for you though, it’s been an inspiration for a new post for me as soon as the pain was a little less haha

      And yes we should definitely hit the desert together whenever you are back to Egypt! A human can never get enough of the desert yeah?

      • Yes you should check that! My mom discovered a spinal fracture years later. Don’t want to scare you but it’s better to fix it and carry backpacks, no? 🙂
        You don’t know how much I miss Egypt and I hope to be able to come back on may, it will be super hot but I have been to the White Desert on may and I was fine, so I wouldn’t mind doing it again!!!

        • I wouldn’t mind trying the desert in May, only been there in winters but there’s a first time for everything 🙂 It will be so hard though to sit by the fire and drink 4 cups of tea per hour haha (yes that’s part of the desert for me). But we’ll figure it out 🙂 Waiting for you in May 🙂

          PS I will see a doctor for my back, I decided, Thanks 🙂

  2. That was some experience, Mina. The desert is a nice place for adventures but a bad place to get injured. Glad it was nothing serious in your case. Thanks for sharing the story. 🙂

    • Thanks for reading it 🙂 The desert is an amazing place for everything except injuries. But still the whole trip was worth the pain 😉

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