And then More People became as Slow as us

In the first part of the story I mentioned how the group/gang was originally created. Where a group of four slow bar walker/bar crawlers joined together, Kerstin and Leo from Germany, Brady from USA and I.

Sometime later, on a sunny morning, 4 Km after Leon (a Beautiful city I’ll talk about later). We were having coffee in a bar in a small village. As usual we stayed there for SO long, some of us even drinking two cups of coffee (cafe con leche). Finally we got up, started walking, and we had to cross a street so we were waiting for the green light, when we saw Chris (The Johnnie Walker guy from the first and third day). We crossed the street together the he said (in a heavy Norwegian accent) “Mina, I saw you leaving the albergue two hours ago!! How did it take you so long to just reach here?”

Chris - Special made socks - Complemented by an old lady

Chris - Special made socks - Complemented by an old lady

Embarrassed, I replied “Well we stayed almost 50 minutes in that previous bar”
“You take breaks that early?”
“It’s our second coffee of the day…What about you, if you saw us leaving the albergue and you were up so early how did you be behind us?”
“Well I have decided to take today as a break and not walk at all…just to spend one more day at Leon. But then they kicked me out of the albergue, they said I can back again after 1pm -its the albergues rule, they kick you out every morning- so I went to a bar and had a coffee, and then I got bored, it is still too early in the morning to do anything. So I decided to walk!”
Smiling and looking all smart I said “So you DO take long coffees at bars!”
“NO! I got lost!”
…”What?? you lost the arrows*?”
“Yes! I suddenly couldn’t find the arrows anymore, and I guess my face showed I was lost because a guy in a car stopped and asked me “camino bla bla bla?” I said yes, so he started giving me directions in Spanish and I couldn’t understand one word but I just kept nodding and trying to memorize where he points…I walked for 10 minutes and still didn’t find any arrows, but the same guy found me again!! This time he was kind of yelling at me but smiling, he was weird, and he opened the car door and motioned for me to get in, so I hopped in…
He drove me to the outskirts of Leon and started pointing in one direction and saying “Santiago de Compostela…Camino de Santiago de Compostela!!’ I got out of the car and started walking, he also got out of the car and started yelling at me! I turned back and looked, he was holding a plastic bag. Turns out I forgot my bag of candy in his car!”

Scarcrow in the vine yards

Scarcrow in the vine yards

Yes, that’s Chris from Norway, he is not trying to act funny or weird, that is him! He always has the most hilarious comments ever, that usually have nothing to do with the subject we’re talking about 🙂 and about the bag of candy? He is ADDICTED to candy, specially those weirdly named candies, or the ones that come with tattoo stickers inside them! and although he is very tall, and generally a very fast walker (I envy you my friend), he decided he will walk with us, no one can decline a break and a slow walk!

(@Chris, I’m sorry I’m talking a bit annoying about you, but dude I have to! It’s amazing stories!)

Fearless Sons of Bitches :)

Fearless Sons of Bitches 🙂

One more thing I have to add about Chris before I end this post, after our group was complete, he made up a name for us, it is a bit “bad” but it is our name, proud of it! It is the “Fearless Children Of Bitches”

Here is how the name came up, it was one of those mornings when the weather was freezing outside, still a bit dark, it was 5 degrees, We got up but I couldn’t go out of the room so I decided to sleep again until the sun was out, on the hand, Chris got out of bed, and all he was “Mina, I’m going to go outside, walk all the way to the bathroom, brush my teeth and get ready for walking…do you know why? *Dramatic Pause* Cause I’m a Fearless Son Of A Bitch!” and he walked outside…

And since then, whenever any of us, the slow walkers, would do anything, one of us must say “You’re such a fearless son of a bitch!”. And that is how our name was adopted!

One more post to go about how our slow walking group was made (two more people to add). Stay tuned 😉

*The arrows (the yellow arrows) is what marks the way on the Camino de Santiago, pilgrims have to follow the arrow or the shells along the path. It is unlikely to get lost of the camino, well except in big cities like Leon.

The Yellow Arrow

The Yellow Arrow

Photo Credits:
Scarcrow in the vineyards: Christian Reistad
The Yellow Arrow: Elin Berg
Me and Chris: Elin Berg

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3 thoughts on “And then More People became as Slow as us

  1. Awesome – your stories are fun! Love the big yellow arrows – I am able to get lost anywhere – it will be my own challenge.

    • Don’t worry its very hard to get lost on the Camino, well except when leaving big cities like Pamplona, Burgos and Leon…Just walk with others when leaving cities 😉 better be lost with other people than alone! haha

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