One further addition to the slow group

Previously I’ve mentioned how our slow walking group was gathered, and started increasing in number. I’ve written one post about how the initial group started, and then another one about how Chris joined in.

A few days later,one of the amazing people we met and that has been walking with us in an on/off pattern called us to meet up in Foncebadon, a city that was almost 25-28 Km from where we would start our walk.The day didn’t start off very good, it was really cloudy, and then started raining really bad.

Bad Weather

Bad Weather on the Camino

By noon, however, or as usual, it got really sunny and really hot. But not for too long, because by 3 in the evening it was all cloudy again, and that was only 5 Km before Foncebadon. We were advised however to spend the night in that village we were going to eat lunch in, because there is a storm coming in and the way to Foncebadon will be really slippery, taking into notice that it is all uphill.

Though we all did want to go on with our way, I am now glad we stayed because that night in that little village was simply amazing, a night I will never forget! (Will upload videos)

Way to Foncebadon

Actual Way to Foncebadon, can imagine that being slippery...

The next morning, Elin (from Sweden), the girl we were supposed to meet, was nice enough to call and say she’ll wait in Foncebadon, she has finally decided to walk with us, and never walk so fast again 😀 And so, we started walking, with our normal speed, I feel bad for her because she had to wait for us for something like 90 minutes (first couple of Kms in the morning are always the slowest). And when we finally reached Foncebadon, we found this waiting for us:

Elin - Waiting in Foncebadon

Elin - Waiting in Foncebadon (After two hours, you can go crazy)

And yes, we stayed in Foncebadon for coffee and breakfast!

Later that day, our group walked split in half, I was (as usual) in the slower half, with Elin and Leo, we reached the town we were to meet in, but the hostel where our second half were in was already full so we stayed in another one right across the street.

Our hostel had 2 types of accommodation, normal accommodation inside the building, and the other type were beds outside in the open air. You guessed it, we chose to sleep outside. A couple of minutes later, Johannes (Germany) showed up, he also walked with us on an on/off pattern. Leo convinced him to sleep outside, and after that he started walking with us full-time.

Outside accommodation

Outside accommodation

Sleeping outside was a weird experience, for one reason that every now and then a loud car would pass. Secondly, something we didn’t notice before was that the street lights wouldn’t go off! What a drag. Oh and another thing, early morning pilgrims would pass by and flash their cameras on our beds!

But well, I’m glad all of those things happened, all the good and the bad, because I have met some of the most amazing people in my life and I am really glad I met them! The Camino family is great!

Picture of  “outside accommodation” taken by “Ingrid Soria”

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2 thoughts on “One further addition to the slow group

  1. Love the outdoor beds. Can’t wait to do it myself! Buen camino!

    • One of my coldest nights and most disturbing ones, I had the outermost bed and the street light was going right into my eye, i wasn’t even in the Shade of that roof, and if you do, pray that not many cars would pass by 😀
      it was a good experience though, just so I can say I have slept outside on the camino 😀

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