Bashing a Sand Dune’s Virginity

Adrenaline rush. A little bit of a screaming like a kid on a roller coaster (and hitting the ground with my feet).

That’s what I did during a (I guess) less than 2 minutes descend of a sand dune near Siwa Oasis.

Amazigh Expeditions owns a small land there (a camp to be), and it’s where I spent my days in Siwa. Bordering the land is a HUGE sand dune, surrounding it from 3 directions. And their slope, I would say they are almost 90 degrees inclined.

The left hand side on the sand dunes

The left hand side on the sand dunes - the easiest looking

So its good sunny morning, we reached the camp site from the normal, almost flat direction, when I asked Hassan have you ever driven down this dune? he said no, do you want to try it?

Knowing Hassan and his addiction to adrenaline. I knew he wasn’t kidding. So we take a huge turn until we found an easy climbing way from the dune’s side. We drove to the top, and man it looked scary! So we got out of the car and tried to make a rough “easy” or “safe” route down. Which included driving through the dune sideways from one side to the other at one point.

So yeah. We head down. The dune had three slides, separated by 2 small plateaus, before reaching flat land again. So we descend first slide, fast and scary, and this was when we were supposed to turn left and go for a less inclined part of slide 2. Which didn’t exactly happen. We kept going forward.

First Plateau - one third of the dune - Siwa

First Plateau - one third of the dune, couldn't go higher on foot. Too tiring and extremely soft sand.

For those of you who have been into Land Cruisers before, specially the older ones, will know that you see the whole hood of the car. And from our position, that is the only thing I was seeing; with no further land. Hood and blue skies. I felt relieved when Hassan stopped the car, cause I was certain this would be our death 🙂 But little did I know, he only stopped to go down slowly.

Now I was really screaming, not able to sit still. But he knows better, because the sand is so soft, it let us down like a child on a  slide.

Second plateau, and the third slide, same happened, although he didn’t totally stop this time.

I’m just glad this this didn’t happen!

Will I do this again? Absolutely!

PS later on I knew that we didn’t exactly take the virginity of that dune. Some guy gave it some foreplay before us with a dirt bike 😉

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4 thoughts on “Bashing a Sand Dune’s Virginity

  1. That looks like so much fun! I did something similar in Peru and in Petra, Jordan and even got to drive!

  2. i didn’t know there were companies that let you drive! so cool.

    we did this in dubai and it was so much fun.

    • They actually don’t 🙂 I was riding beside the driver, who is a very close friend of mine and who just started taking this professionaly so there are many ‘stunts’ that he is doing them for the first time yet! 😉

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