That Small Particle called Sand

Inspired by last Friday’s twitter #FriFotos topic, and later on by AdventurousKate’s post about sand photos, I went through some of my albums and figured out I have loads of photos of sand, well some of them are pure sand, The great Sand Sea in Egypt. Some of them are your normal sand beach photos. Some are kind of rocky/sandy beaches. So I thought I could also share some of them. Well my favourite of them atleast.

Siwa, Egypt. Well most of my sand pictures are in that place. It is one of my favourite places on planet earth.

Cold Lake, Siwa, Egypt. As the name implies, the water in this lake is really, really, cold. Despite of the extremely hot weather.

Alexandrian North Coast, Egypt. Just outside Alexandria, when you leave behind all the crowdness of the city and head to one of those deserted resorts on the Northern Coast of Egypt.

Finisterre, Spain. That small secluded beach was on the camino de Santiago, only a few Kms before Finisterre. Loved the view there!

Fetnas, Siwa, Egypt. A place where you can watch the most amazing sunsets, drink a cup of tea and hang out by the campfire later on.

Another view/angle of the Cold Lake in Siwa, Egypt.

Our small camp in Siwa, in the middle of nowhere, Great Sand Sea, Egypt. An amazing place to forget about the world’s chaos!

Salah Al Din’s Citadel/Island, Taba, Egypt. The Mountains on the other side are Jordan. You can see small sea cities all along that road.

Three Pools Beach, Dahab, Egypt. Still not over crowded with tourists which makes it a very special place on the coast of Dahab, Sinai. (Well I visited last time 2.5 years ago. Hope its still not crowded)

Close to Finisterre, Spain. Running to the beach, finally deciding to swim after a long walk on a very sunny day. Lucky we had a calm Atlantic that day.

Siwa, Great Sand Sea Safari. The sand there has no like, so soft and almost untouched (or the just always cleans up previous marks)

A beautiful, no man’s land on the road connecting Nuweiba and Taba, Egypt. It is a spot used by many campers/divers.

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4 thoughts on “That Small Particle called Sand

  1. Can’t wait to see the sands at Finisterre myself! Nice collection.

  2. These are stunning shots! I’m very pleased to have discovered your blog today 🙂

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