Life is Sometimes Easier than What We Think

This post is inspired by something that might not be much related to the title, but it is how I felt after two frustrating days. I am applying to a masters degree to study Public Health. And for some unknown reason (really unknown) I have only applied to universities in Sweden. Paid the application fees and had hard times at my home university in Alexandria, Egypt finishing paper work to send it in to university admissions in Sweden. Finally sent in the papers right on time before the deadline.

Alexandria University Administrative Building

Alexandria University Administrative Building

What did I miss? The English requirements documents. I have been told that, as an IGCSE graduate (International high school diploma) I do not need to sit for a TOEFL or IELTS exams, all I need to do is send my ESL (English as a Second Language) certificate from my high school and it counts as a proof of English proficiency (as it is certified by Cambridge University).

My bad, I haven’t asked the university admissions if this is correct or not and just took the word of my friends for granted. Just to receive a message from university admissions on February 27th saying I did not meet their English requirements and they regret to tell me that I have been rejected.


I quickly started panicking and getting depressed and frustrated (all at once). I have been day dreaming about getting accepted for so long! I quickly started checking when the nearest TOEFL or IELTS exam is, they are on March 9th and 7th; grades come out in two weeks; so my grades will reach …

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 – Mina Mahrous

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