No One Likes Being a Pharmacist

Statistically based, according to my previous post about why I hate being a pharmacist.

I wrote a previous post about why I hate being a pharmacist, thinking it would be one of the boring posts that wouldn’t get much attention. However, I was wrong! According to the statistics of the older blog of mine, that post was my most popular one!!

So why do people become pharmacists? I personally have no answer to this. And although I don’t like regretting things that already happened, because I believe that everything happens for a reason, and will build up to something nice with time, but if I am to regret something, it would be studying pharmacy. I don’t like, and I don’t enjoy working as a pharmacist.
And apparently I’m not alone!!

Pie Chart about my stats

The previous chart shows the amount of traffic to that specific post, with respect to all other posts and to the home page. It’s visited at least twice more than the second most popular post on my blog.

Another interesting thing I have noticed is the search keywords referring to the post.
Let me just mention a few of them that were most repeated:

  •  I hate being a pharmacist (with several changes, like removal of the “I” or some spelling mistakes, or addition of the “WHY?” question at the beginning)
  •  Why I hate pharmacy
  •  Why I hate pharmacists
  •  Why I hate pharmacy pharmacists (lol)
  •  Hate my job as pharmacist
  •  Why I hate being in pharmacy (dude trust me, you’re doing…

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One thought on “No One Likes Being a Pharmacist

  1. Speedy Gonzalas

    I totally agree – pharmacy as a degree only leaves room for regret. It is a terrible career, earning only a peice of paper demonstrating that you are a glorified shop assistant. Pharmacist and intern pharmacists get treated like shit. Furthermore, it is the most hypocritical career. ‘Treating’ patients on the one hand and milking their wallets on the other. I have wasted 4 years at uni and now 1 year doing my internship for such a shitty career.

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