Camino de Santiago in Pictures | Special Moments – Photo Essay | Part I

First of all, I am not by any chance a pro photographer, nor do I own a good camera (and on the Camino de Santiago specifically I was using an old phone’s camera).

Second thing I have to mention about this post before you go through is that those picture are mostly of people, friends I’ve made on the Camino, so while the post in general might not be very interesting for most of you, each one picture of those holds a great memory in it, and always brings a smile to my face!


The cooking Team (+others)
From left the left: Me, Jenny, Johannes and Chris.

Cooking in Zubiri

I have mentioned this story before, this was the day I started making friends on the Camino, and started talking and interacting with people, and found out there are many interesting people walking with me. It was Jenny who took the first step in inviting everyone to eat together, she cooks 😀


Gathering in Zubiri after dinner in the Albergue's Yard

After dinner gathering

It was the same day we cooked dinner in Zubiri, everyone was talking with all, plus some wine to break the ice between all the solo walkers. It was also in that gathering I met Ismael, the great ….

To continue reading this post, and to see the rest of the photos, please do so on my new blog here: Special moments on the Camino Part I


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See you,
– Mina Mahrous

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