Camino de Santiago in Pictures | Special Moments – Photo Essay | Part II

First of all, I am not by any chance a pro photographer, nor do I own a good camera (and on the Camino de Santiago specifically I was using an old phone’s camera).

Second thing I have to mention about this post before you go through is that those picture are mostly of people, friends I’ve made on the Camino, so while the post in general might not be very interesting for most of you, each one picture of those holds a great memory in it, and always brings a smile to my face!

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Bar Espana, where we waited for the bus
Bar Espana

Waiting for the bus

A special moment in a different way, a day I couldn’t step on my foot, I’ll post about the story in another post. But boy did many people take the bus with me that day, and the 6 hours since getting kicked out of the hostel, till I took the bus were so much fun!


Reaching a town after 10 Km walking

10 Km non stop

This day I started walking all alone in the morning while it was still dark. I can also make a whole post about this day, but in short, I walked 10km non stop to this town. The moment in this picture was special because if I had….

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