Las Fiestas Españolas – A Pilgrim’s Nightmare

It was the 10th day of walking, 3.9.2011, a rainy day, very cold since we woke up and the weather didn’t get any better throughout the entire morning. I reached Belorado along with some people I was walking with. A very small Spanish town, looking dead as all north Spanish towns during the siesta time (from 2 to 4 pm, towns are dead! Plazas are empty! And no one is seen on the streets! Those Spanish people take their rest time really seriously!

View from Hostel
Yes the pool belongs to the hostel, but it was really cold!

The Hostel room in Belorado

We entered our albergue, with nothing much to do, we did our laundry, started thinking about what to eat, and then decided to go out for a walk through the town to find a good supermarket to buy something to cook.

We search a lot, but we find none! All are closed down. We finally asked someone why are all the “supermercados” were closed down; and we were told it’s because…

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