Why Walk El Camino de Santiago?

This post will not contain a straight answer of why to walk El Camino de Santiago. Unfortunately, I can’t answer this question, nor can anyone answer it. It is impossible to give someone any straight answers as of why to walk el Camino. It is a very personalized experience for anyone to point out even the general reasons for walking it.

Walking El Camino
photo credits: Bernardo Ruiz

The phrase I heard the most while walking across Northern Spain (after “Buen Camino” of course) was “so why are you walking the Camino?”

Why was I walking El Camino? I found it hard at first to answer this question, I thought I had reasons, I thought I had a good reason, but when trying to explain this reason to others it always sounded naive, or more of stupid. I tried asking this question to other people as well, and I heard lots of stories; many people shared their drama, other shared reasons that sounded even more naive than I thought my reasons were. But we were all there, and walking, with all the different backgrounds and reasons.

And the truth is, no matter what reasons anyone came for, we were all rewarded in a very similar yet personalized way by the Camino.

Pyrenees on the first day of walking

Let me just tell you at the beginning, when embracing this new experience, no matter what your reasons are, the first week or 10 days, you will ask yourself, every single morning, why the heck am I walking? Why the heck am I doing this to myself while I can be enjoying a beach or any other getaway destination with the same exact amount of money? Just do your best at getting…

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