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Bashing a Sand Dune’s Virginity

Adrenaline rush. A little bit of a screaming like a kid on a roller coaster (and hitting the ground with my feet).

That’s what I did during a (I guess) less than 2 minutes descend of a sand dune near Siwa Oasis.

Amazigh Expeditions owns a small land there (a camp to be), and it’s where I spent my days in Siwa. Bordering the land is a HUGE sand dune, surrounding it from 3 directions. And their slope, I would say they are almost 90 degrees inclined.

The left hand side on the sand dunes

The left hand side on the sand dunes - the easiest looking

So its good sunny morning, we reached the camp Continue reading

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Injured In The Desert

Imagine being in the middle of nowhere, you look in all directions around you and all you see is yellow sand dunes. Amazing yeah? Well it is! It is breath taking and stunning and all those words that describe beautiful places. But at some point you wish you were in a city, a place where an ambulance can reach you. Well I had that feeling for a fraction of a second when I thought I broke my spine! Luckily though, it was only a strong cramp in my back muscles.

We were crossing through the desert, me and my friend from Amazigh Expeditions. We were heading to a hot spring to have a shower there. A lovely morning, with lovely sand, warm weather in January (the previous night was freezing cold so I was really enjoying the sun at noon), no speed limit, no traffic signs, you just speed and drift to take turns, no specific streets; it’s heaven!

Sand Drifting

Sand Drifting

Suddenly, we hit a small speed bump like structure made of Continue reading

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Siwan People and The Revolution.

Like anyplace else in Egypt, Siwa and its people were just living their normal daily life, during their high tourism season, January/February, when suddenly the revolution started, and the police forces were withdrawn from all of Egypt.

In big cities like Cairo and Alexandria, people were terrified because of the lack of security, thugs were let loose and stealing and killing was something normal, and that brought to the civilians the idea of securing their own homes together, where all people living on the same street would leave their homes at night and gather together in the street with any weapons they can have (sticks, kitchen knives…Etc) until the morning.


The Serenity and Peacefulness of Siwa

On the other hand, in the serene Siwa, where all people live together peacefully Continue reading

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