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The Day We Stole a Dog

There are times when you get a choice between the easy path and the hard one, yet you still choose the hard path. For different reasons, maybe to prove it to yourself, maybe to prove it someone else, and maybe even just to brag about it later; but the basic fact is, me and my Camino friends decided to walk “el Camino Duro” (Translation from Spanish: The Hard Way) when we had this option on day 26 of walking between Cacabelos and Vega de la Valcarce.

Climbing "el Camino Duro"

Climbing "el Camino Duro"

We started climbing, and climbing, and climbing, it was an endless climb, and in no time we were high above Continue reading

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Pack as light as possible

Pack as light as possible.

Thisis the first piece of advice I got on the Camino de Santiago from a guy I randomly met. It was his second time on the Camino and I met him in the albergue municipal of

Cross with extra stuff hanged on it

Saint Jean Pied de Port. He told me that the heavy backpack seems ok at the beginning and you always think that you are strong enough for it, but after 200 Km or so you will feel the pain; and then you will start throwing away things, but the pain has already bee Continue reading

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