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Don’t Tell my Mother – Part II – Mistakes and Pay Back Time

After having lied to my Father about where I was going, and being kind of forced to spend the night at St. Katherine monastery. I decided to not think about the troubles I could get into and just spend a happy night and head back to Sharm el Sheikh first thing in the morning.

But would the morning ever come with the tourism police up my ass for escorting an American citizen?

The Mistake…

Before entering the monastery there is a small Tourism Police/Info desk kiosk where they asked us to leave our contacts at their register, we did as asked, while Anna wasn’t asked for any details, I was asked to fill in how I know her, how long are we planning to Continue reading

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8 Reasons why I hate being a Pharmacist in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

I work in a pharmacy in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. It is our family business/thingy: My father in a pharmacist, and so is my sister. My mother, though not a pharmacist by profession, she has 20+ years experience in running the pharmacy by now, so by now she is actually better than many ‘real’ pharmacists. And so, after high school, I was forced to follow the family trend and study pharmacy, although I knew I hated it. And now looking at the possible careers, non of them seemed to catch my attention or to promise any self satisfaction, so again I was forced to work as a retail pharmacist, in our pharmacy.
And I hate it. I really do, from the bottom All my Heart.

As mentioned before, I was forced to study it, although to be honest, I Continue reading

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