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That Small Particle called Sand

Inspired by last Friday’s twitter #FriFotos topic, and later on by AdventurousKate’s post about sand photos, I went through some of my albums and figured out I have loads of photos of sand, well some of them are pure sand, The great Sand Sea in Egypt. Some of them are your normal sand beach photos. Some are kind of rocky/sandy beaches. So I thought I could also share some of them. Well my favourite of them atleast.

Siwa, Egypt. Well most of my sand pictures are in that place. It is one of my favourite places on planet earth. Continue reading

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Bashing a Sand Dune’s Virginity

Adrenaline rush. A little bit of a screaming like a kid on a roller coaster (and hitting the ground with my feet).

That’s what I did during a (I guess) less than 2 minutes descend of a sand dune near Siwa Oasis.

Amazigh Expeditions owns a small land there (a camp to be), and it’s where I spent my days in Siwa. Bordering the land is a HUGE sand dune, surrounding it from 3 directions. And their slope, I would say they are almost 90 degrees inclined.

The left hand side on the sand dunes

The left hand side on the sand dunes - the easiest looking

So its good sunny morning, we reached the camp Continue reading

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